We specialize in commercial photography, social media campaigns, and lookbooks. Our goal is to help you reach a wider client base and expand your business by showcasing your product in a professional way. We use e-commerce to bridge the gap between clients and sellers through professional photography and content writing.

As an incentive for all new vendors, Jumia offers a free photo-shoot for the first 2 SKUs to be listed to ensure a seamless on-boarding process. Images are taken and uploaded on behalf of the vendor in line with the Jumia standards. The vendor may wish to continue with our Value Added Service (VAS) for SKUs in excess of 2 as is applicable with most returning vendors. ( first 50SKUs will be paid in cash )

  • Requests are submitted via the online request form.
  • Requests are to be submitted for only updated /created products with completed creation sheets.
  • No fee applicable for photo-shoot.
  • This Value added service improves and simplifies Seller Center vendors’ product image presentation process online.
  • It also reduces time it takes product from vendor sign-up to product live in shop.
  • Jumia studio VAS provides vendors with product images that guarantee pass QC/ successful upload and provide vendors with appropriate product images to increase product sales.
  • All Vendors are eligible for this service.
  • Vendors that use the Jumia Studio Service have an advantage as it improves visibility.
  • Improves product image quality on the website, thereby improving sales and reducing quality control rejections due to poor image quality.

Photography Services


  • SKUs 30-200
  • Up to 4 images
  • 1500X1500 Image size
  • Model
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  • SKUs 10-300
  • Up to 4 images
  • 1500X1500 Image size
  • Flat (Shoes, Bags, etc.)
  • Accessories
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  • SKUs 30-130
  • Up to 5 images
  • 2000X2000 Image size
  • Premium Creation
  • Model or Mannequin
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  • SKUs 60-100 + 1 Month sponsored Ads
  • Up to 8 images + Makeup artist & Hairdresser & Stylist
  • Advanced Creation SEO & Ar. Translation
  • Stylist
  • 3000X3000 Image size

Content Creation & Translation Services

Advanced Creation


  • Detailed Product Description
  • Embedded Images
  • Image Upload
  • How to style/use an item
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Basic Creation


  • Basic Description
  • Image Upload
  • .
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Bulk Creation


  • Data & Images provided by vendor
  • Data Modification
  • Image Upload
  • .
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Customized Creation Package

Above 1K SKUs /Super Discounted

  • Minimun SKUs 1000
  • Valid for Basic & BulK Creation
  • Final price to be communicated after your submission here based on total no. of SKUs
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Content Creation + Translation


  • Product Creation
  • Product Translation
  • Image Upload
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Translation (Electronic Products)


  • Localize your Product
  • Reach More Audience
  • Increase sales, reviews & ratings
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  • Localize your product
  • Reach more audience
  • Increase Sales, Reviews & Ratings
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Content Optimization + Translation


  • Description Enhancement
  • Images Enhancement
  • Translation
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New Vendor Shoot Workflow 

  • Vendor completes product creation sheet.
  • Online request form is completed and submitted along with creation sheet.
  • Vendor waits for invitation to drop off product samples.
  • After drop off, samples are processed within 5 days.
  • Vendor receives notification to pick up product samples.

Studio Value Added Service (VAS) Workflow 

  • Vendor submits a request online via the online request form. (This ensures a uniform format for submitting items to be photographed.)
  • Product creation is included starting from the Basic+ plan.
  • *Content creation is optional for the Basic plan and costs 10LE/SKU.
  • The studio confirms that the SKUs are on SC, and validates the number of samples to be shot against the studio capacity on the selected date.
  • Studio sends confirmation/rescheduling email to the vendor.
  • Vendor submits samples to the studio and samples are checked for proper tagging, and the vendor is given a GRN (Goods Received Note).
  • The shoot is done and the studio team uploads final images on SC account.
  • Studio team arranges with the vendor for samples to be picked up.
  • Once approved, payment is made via deduction from seller account.
  • An email will be sent from finance to the vendor to confirm deduction.

Product Sample Tagging Guidelines

Male – UK Sizes

Shirts – M

Trousers – 32

Shoes – 41

Female – UK Sizes

Dresses – S

Shirts – S

Trousers – 28

Shoes – 38

How to Tag Samples

  • Product information (SKU) should be written on tagging material and attached to each product sample.
  • SKU written on tag must correspond with SKU assigned to product at point of creation/listing on Seller Center account.
  • Where product samples come with original paper surfaced tag, the additional tag should be placed on the existing tag.
  • Shoes should be tagged on the box, where samples will be received without boxes then tags can be strung on buckles or laces underneath the right foot of the shoes.


  • Identification
  • Organization
  • Safe-keeping
  • Upload of images to the Seller Center/ Vendor account

Approved Tagging


1. Paper hand tag

2. Adhesive paper tag